Regional Focus: Spotlight on the East Midlands

Regional Focus_ Spotlight on the East Midlands

If you read our recent post, Regional Focus: Spotlight on the North East you will know that at Property Portfolio Management Ltd we do not limit ourselves to property investment opportunities on our doorstep. We cast our net far and wide; another area worthy of our attention is the East Midlands.  The dynamism of the East Midlands property market contrasts strongly with the slowdown in London and much of the Southeast.

Spotlight on the East Midlands

The East Midlands property market is buoyant because of the strong local economy. Derby, Leicester and Nottingham compare favourably with other cities in terms of jobs, health and house prices to earnings.  This last point is crucial, this means that house prices are much more affordable than in some other regions. The East Midlands also benefit from good transport links and commuting distances to other cities in the Midlands and London.  According to the BBC,  house prices are rising the fastest in the East Midlands, increasing by 6.5% in the year to August 2018. This figure has been determined using data provided by the Office for National Statistics.

As property investors, we recognise the tremendous opportunity that this region and this moment in time represents. This is why we have briefing our group of investors on current opportunities in the East Midlands.

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