Serviced Accommodation: When Being Flexible Pays Off!

Serviced Accommodation_ When Being Flexible Pays Off!

Recent and ongoing changes to taxation around buy to let properties have been well documented. In the light of these changes, our focus has been to identify opportunities where we can vastly improve our yield by moving away from a traditional buy to let to Serviced Accommodation. According to Savills, serviced accommodation comprises just 3.1% of the UK’s accommodation supply but is expected to become the fastest growing sector of the UK hospitality market.

Serviced Accommodation

If the financials for a buy 2 let proposition don’t stack up, run them again as serviced accommodation. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find a strong buy 2 let proposition, particularly in the South East of the country. Often the yield is below 5% and being able to extract all of the cash from a deal after 6 months no longer works. This is because organic growth has slowed down so much that no amount of added value, provides enough potential to refinance quickly.

However the growing need for flexibility in the market has promoted the serviced accommodation strategy from niche to mainstream.

Recent Property Acquisition

Consider the following:
We recently acquired a 2 bedroom flat that is 2 minutes from South Kensington tube station and attracts a rental income of £2,400 per month. Depending on your point of view, this rental income is either a ransom or a bargain.

However the daily rate for serviced accommodation in the same area is £190.00 per day. Consequently it only takes 12 days to match the full months rent of a traditional buy 2 let.

There are of course pitfalls, you must ensure any mortgage lender with a charge on the property has granted permission for example (likewise any superior landlord). You will have additional costs for managing bookings and cleaning etc and you need to avoid the ‘party people’. However, at 75% occupancy (always forecast including voids) this property will deliver an additional £1,700 per month, this  makes the additional work extremely rewarding.

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