Property traders managing private investor
portfolio requirements and group investment funds.
Sourcing of development and refurbishment projects,
buy to let investments and land

Why property?

The strongest asset class

Property provides the most risk adverse investment strategy for anyone looking to develop secondary income streams, create financial independence, secure passive income or wealth creation opportunities. Over the mid to long term, property is vitally, a secure investment, capable of double-digit annual returns as well as exceptional growth potential.

  • Property Portfolio Management Ltd

    The No. 1 Asset Class for long term investment

  • Property Portfolio Management Ltd

    Benefit from capital growth, can exceed 6% year on year

  • Property Portfolio Management Ltd

    Higher return investment strategies for landlords (B2L, HMO, SA, Co Let etc)

  • Property Portfolio Management Ltd

    Mortgage interest rates are at an all time low

  • Property Portfolio Management Ltd

    Property investment provides a stable platform for long term planning

  • Property Portfolio Management Ltd

    Many areas of the UK still capable of significant growth potential

How can we help you reach your property investment goals?

we are a family-owned business that provides bespoke property investment solutions to its clients. We provide a full range of services that add value and improve outcomes.

Portfolio Building

We offer a full turnkey solution delivering clients a 100% hands-free experience.

Joint Venture

Interested in property but lack experience, we will happily partner with you if the fit is right.

Property Sourcing

Our extensive network uncovers off market, high return investment opportunities.

Project Management

We offer a ‘cradle to grave’ suite of services, covering all major residential strategie.

Land Development

Let us show you how an investment in land development can yield incredible returns.

Property Advice

Friendly, free, no obligation advice on all subjects property related. We’re here to help.

Why work with us?


A Friendly Approach

We only work with a select group of clients at any given time in order to provide the sort of personalized VIP service required by discerning investors, delivering both a hassle free & high return proposition.


Step by Step

The journey starts by understanding your goals, discussing your options, developing a strategy that suits you & building a rapport. We will be build a bespoke plan based on your briefing and work with you to realize your ambitions.


Due Diligence

We assess each potential investment, stress testing all scenarios against pre-defined criterion. From initial sourcing, through to growth projections and return on investment, our Due Diligence processes deliver the highest quality investment opportunities.



We operate an open book policy with all clients. We tailor our reporting systems to meet each client’s individual demands. So regardless of the type of service we are asked to provide, the client is always in control.

Building our futures together

Are you ‘hands on’ or ‘hands off’ experienced or just starting your journey?
You may be a builder looking for a renovation project or you could be a landlord wishing to expand your HMO portfolio. Perhaps you are a developer in need of a project that already has planning permission, or you want a below market opportunity for your first investment on a buy to let strategy. If you are looking for a partner for a project, or a vehicle to invest in that delivers an agreed return on a secured basis or if you simply need someone to discuss your ideas with

We can help

If you want to invest in property but don’t have the time or don’t know where to start, why not give us a call on 0203 432 0317 or send us an email & we will arrange a time to talk to you (without any obligation)