The latest addition to our HMO Portfolio

The latest addition to our HMO Portfolio

It is important to have a diversified property portfolio which will create long term wealth through acquisition and deliver consistent cash income. In turn, this will provide day to day financial freedom by allowing you to become a landlord.

In order to ensure you create the right balance, you need to consider a cross section of the various strategies available to you such as Buy 2 Flip (B2F), Buy 2 Let (B2L), Rent 2 Rent (R2R), Corporate Lets, HMO’s, Lease Options, Purchase Options, Holiday Lets, Commercial etc

We are delighted to announce the latest addition to the HMO portfolio we manage as part of our own investment strategy that delivers double digit ROI to our clients.

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HMO Property Purchase Confirmed


We have acquired a 6 bedroom, 3 bathroom house in North West London with two communal reception rooms that is less than a 10 minute walk from the nearest tube station.

The property had been secured on an initial 3-year term with an option to extend or purchase thereafter at a fixed price. The property already has a HMO license as the owner is a long-term landlord who wishes to extract himself from the market without selling off his assets.

The net yield on the property is an extremely attractive 18% per annum but a word of warning. It is important to factor into your calculations all costs including provision for repairs & maintenance, fixtures and fittings, utilities, taxes, local authority and administration charges. Additionally, do not base your revenue predictions on 100% occupancy. HMO is, by design, more flexible than traditional letting and therefore you should expect ‘voids’.

However, despite increased legislation and taxation, HMO remains highly profitable for those of you prepared to embrace the conditions of the market and the responsibilities of being a landlord within it.

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Property Investments and Trading, London


We only work with a limited group of investors at any one time.

We create bespoke property portfolio Investment solutions on behalf of our clients which provide substantial returns on investment over either the short or long term.

Property not only, substantially out performs all other ‘high street’ investment types such as ISA’s, Bonds & high interest savings vehicles. It is also considerably more risk averse compared to stocks and shares.

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If you want to build for the future, either over the short or long term, we would be delighted to talk.

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Dion Carter

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