The Dark Side of Success

The Dark Side of Success

In many people’s eyes, I had made it.

I had worked hard and had been a senior executive for over 20 years.

I had managed the sale of businesses worth up to £300 million.

During my career, I ran many multinational businesses in a diverse range of business sectors.

At one point, I managed 4000-5000 staff.

There was a lot of responsibility and I was well remunerated for my skills with a six-figure salary. I could afford a lifestyle that many aspire to.

Why did I choose to give it up?

The Dark Side of Success

Well, I’ll tell you. Few talk about the dark side of success. Life is not all fine dining and business class flights.

I felt as if I was married to the job. Nothing came before the job.

I knew that if I failed I would be out on my ear.

Selling my soul for a higher salary was not the path I wanted to go down any more.

Now I have no safety net. No corporate benefits.

With property investing, I have taken the opportunity to develop wealth rather than earn a high salary.

I feel reinvigorated and free. My family see more of me and future prospects look better than ever.

Have you ever had to change direction in your career? Let me know in the comments section below.

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