Redundancy: No Good Way to Deliver Bad News

Redundant: No good way to deliver bad news

During my career, I have often been in the difficult position where I have had to make colleagues redundant.

I have also been made redundant myself so I know how it feels.

The scale of the businesses that I managed made making colleagues redundant more of a challenge than usual.

At one point, I had to restructure 35 separate businesses across 12 European countries.

Job roles in these companies were being relocated into a single
    location in the Czech Republic; the closure process took over 18 months

Making Colleagues Redundant

There is clearly a right way and a wrong way to deliver bad news. Here’s my advice to anyone who finds themselves in the same position:

The very first sentence of any initial meeting has to explain what
 is about to happen. “I’m afraid I have to inform you that your role is at risk of redundancy.”

This news will be devastating so as the messenger, be prepared to accept that you will be considered responsible.

When you have communicated, allow your colleague time to react and to
 ask questions. Do not rush.

Refer to the redundancy process and be clear about what will happen next.

Show empathy and be respectful but keep your own feelings to yourself.

Have you had to make colleagues redundant? Let me know below.

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