Did you Think Property Investing was out of Your Reach?

Did you think Property Investing was out of your reach

Property Portfolio Management Ltd create bespoke property portfolio investments on behalf of our clients. These investments provide substantial returns on investment over either the short or long term.

Our 3 year ‘buy to flip’ strategy will purchase, refurbish/renovate and resell 24 properties (8 per year) in the Watford area.

Property Investing with £25,000

Investment starts at £25,000 and we only work with a limited group of investors. Our property investment strategy delivers 10% return on investment per year. The minimum investment term is 2 years.

Round 1 funding of £250,000 was secured in Q4 2017. We are now able to accept a limited number of new investors for Round 2.  To join the Round 2 investors, please give me a call or email me to confirm your participation, the details are below.

Attend an Investors’ Evening

Alternatively,  sign up for one of our Investors’ evenings when you will have the opportunity to meet the team, hear more about our property investments and ask questions. If you are interested in the investors’ evenings, email us with ‘Investors’ Evening’ in the subject headline.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Property Investments and Trading, London

Property not only, substantially out performs all other ‘high street’ investment types such as ISA’s, Bonds & high interest savings vehicles, it is also considerably more risk averse compared to stocks and shares.

To read more about our services click here.

If you want to build for the future, either over the short or long term, we would be delighted to talk.

It is not as difficult as you might think. Give us a call on 01923 797181 or email us via  info@mypropco.co.uk to start the conversation.

Best regards,

Dion Carter

Director, Property Portfolio Management Ltd

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